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Howdy & God Bless!

Welcome to our official wedding website.  Don't trust any of those copy-cat sites out there, here and only here is where you will find all the accurate, up-to-date, Luke and Kristy wedding info!

After only 6 ½ years, we have decided it's time to take the next step.   What that step is, we have no idea.  But before we bother trying to figure that out, we figured we would first get married.  Sudden?! Maybe.  Unexpected?!! Definitely.  Over punctuated?!!! You decide.  Nevertheless, ready or not, here we come!  And Since all of you have played such a huge part in our lives, we want you to share in the making of The Luke & Kristy Story.

The wedding day will be for immediate family and wedding party only.  What can we say, one of our sponsors backed out!  But don't miss out, the wedding reception/party, which is October 28th 2006, will be two weeks after the 'Big Day'.  To that, everyone is invited!  Come prepared for some rock'n live performances and to maybe give a few yourself!  What's a party without Karaoke?  (And make sure to bring your best dance moves, Rudy).  For your convenience, please check out the 'lodging' page for recommended hotels in the area.

That is all.  Hope you have as much fun viewing this site as we had making it!

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