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Bryan Carnevale
 - Bestest Man -

Bryan is loyal.  He is the kind of guy who would walk sideways through snow buck naked, just to take a bullet for you...twice.  He is also a massively talented artist & songwriter (stormy bluuuue).  Oh, and he does the best job of explaining my bombing jokes!  I'm so sad he has to miss my wedding, he is an amazing spirit and I wouldn't trade him for the world.

ps - shoot me an Iraqi.
Grant Carnevale
 - Bestest Man -

Grant is an idea man!  A fighter who just can't hide his loving personality.  Try as he might, he is plain fun to be around!  His random comments and sharp sense of humor will keep you laughing for hours (if his giggle doesn't).  I'm blessed I get to have this guy as a brother, because friend wouldn't have been good enough.

ps - who's dog does that?!

Bret Hodge
 - Best Man -

Bret is a brilliant friend who is always willing to help out or lend a hand.  God knows he's the one who earned the A's in my first 3 computer science classes.  Couldn't have made it through without his wisdom, (much of which I still use to this day).  He's the kind of guy who everyone knows & everyone is friends with, because he's just a great guy to be around.

ps - what have you "hodged" lately?

Aaron McCalla
 - Best Man -

McC!  One truely hilarious personality!  Aside from having the most "luck" of any person I know, he can (and often does) talk to anybody and everybody, which turns any time into good times.  You will always make memories when you hang out with Aaron.  Oh yea, and he friggn' rocks the tuba!

ps - irish schmata!

Patrick "Pino" Mancenido
 - Bestest Man -

What can I say... he is my third brother!  He is absolutely hysterical.  If only I had a pug-nickle for every time I've soiled myself laughing with this guy (seriously, I used to go through underwear like...)   The boy gives presents for everything (i think partially because of his passion for shopping).  I remember the hundreds of posters "we" bought when he discovered the joys of bidding on ebay.  He has a great set of lungs and some of the most natural talent of anyone I know.

ps - he likes it on top... ...bunk, of course!

Jeff Winegarden
 - Best Man -

Well, besides being super gorgeous & extremely sexy, this guy is a bottle of talent and personality.  His extreme passion soaks into everything he does, from fantastic brush and easel work to video games!  You can not have a bad time when he is within speaking distance.  I'm glad I get to be an in-law to this one...it only makes the deal so much sweater!

ps - dude, your sister's hot.

Rudy Cassol
 - Usher -

Rudy is a marketing genius!  The boy knows how to make money off anything... at least three different ways.  I can't believe bottled water wasn't his idea.  He is also a champion competitor and I'm pretty sure his motto is "Go big or I'll send you home." (either that or "110% is half-speed ").  And as if that's not enough , he loves to be rocked stinky!

ps - www.dallasmontage.com 

Jeremy Carpenter
 - Usher -

One of the best guys I've ever met!  Truly, the guy has a heart the size of a house & not a mean bone in his body.  I'm positive that if we ever get in a conversation that lasts longer then 30 seconds we'd end-up bawling on each other's shoulders.  He is also king of blind-siding you with absolutely hilarious one-liners.  ...oh, and he has the coolest Christmas sweater ever!


Neil Everette
 - Usher -

Neil.  What can I say about Neil... he's tall!  Need I say anymore.  (that's retorical).  No really, this guy is tall...err, I mean he's one of the smartest guys I know! (and I know some sharp ones).  Don't believe me?  Just ask him about his thesis.  Besides being a golf National Contending long drive... ..contender, he is a natural at approaching problems from angles you would never expect.  He is also hilarious, livening up any conversation and is great to go to for advice.  He also does a pretty good job of not looking stupid on national tv!

ps - Niel (ahhh, still funny)

Brent Haas
 - Usher -

Haas!  The inventor of Haasfest and the Lotty Thad Tribute Song!  An extremely talented soul!!  This guy's got it all, from guitar to vocals and songwriting he's the real deal.  He even has a great business head on his shoulder's always coming with outside-the-box ideas. Can't wait until his country album drops, he writes some amazing tunes.  

ps - when's our next colab?

Thad Toups
 - Usher -

Thad, last only by alphebet, is a genuinely outstanding guy and friend.  Willing to open his mouth and tell you what's up when no one else will, he oozes an open honesty that is really refreashing.  You always want this guy on your side.  He has a keen business sense and even keener party sense!  ...and he got me on national TV!  Rock on Thad, rock on.

ps - Remember that time when we were on the today show?!

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