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Christmas Letter 2017
     [  the heads, the tales and inbetweens of 2017  ]


Happy New Year!! Happy Superbowl and Valentines Day! Merry Christmas and congrats on your upcoming tax breaks! As you probably noticed, we are doing things a little different this year. In a world where finding the time to read has become increasingly troublesome, we decided to.. cut you a break and do the work for you! So crank up the volume, secure your device, and get back to shaving, showering, baking, biking, camping, crème bruleying and/or otherwise operating heavy machinery.. We'll do our best to keep the content, family friendly.

2017, What a year! It even began with a bang. In fact, January 9, 2017 was—according to Kristy—the day “the bomb dropped.” That was the day her rockstar MA and allstar RN filed sheepishly into her office, plopped down in adjacent seats, and announced their resignation—simultaneously. Of course, this news came less than 18 hours after our biggest 'this sucks, something's gotta change' fight ever. Which, I guess, is what made it incredibly easy for Kristy to find herself saying the best two words ever.. “—I quit.” Yea, I think their jaws dropped farther than hers. Thankfully, as Providence would have it, there was an OB/Gyn working out of Harris Alliance who was as equally sick of working full-time. She and Kristy quickly combined—more or less splitting the work down the middle—and voila, the perfect job-share was born. It's been outstanding!! Don't get me wrong. Kristy still works 12-15+ hour days, but she only works three days a week! And she still takes call—but she only works two or three calls a month! It's awesome! Our lives no longer feel like a perpetual decathlon.. more like a weekly mud run. Thank you Jesus, we got our lives back!

Then came Easter. Or as we like to call it, “bomb two.” That was the day we noticed Luke had what looked like skin cancer on his arm and LJ had what looked like.. Autism. Yea—that sucked! But, it was a tremendous opportunity to put pedal to the metal, push past our insecurities, our incessant tendencies for self-preservation, and actually—trust God. Not to say there weren't shaky days. There were. But trust God is what we did. Thankfully, it turned out that Luke's “cancer” was just a strange arm wart, and that Autism is actually curable! Thankfully, Aunt Marie had attended a conference where triple board certified, North Carolina based, Doctor Buttar had just spoken on how he was able to detoxify and cure his own son of Autism. His story was strikingly similar to ours—his son's symptoms developing on the heels of regular vaccinations. It was uncanny, within a week of the dreaded prognosis, God had already positioned us to start treatment. Even so, it's been a slow moving process. More of a marathon than a sprint. There are a ton of hoops to jump through—so please pray for endurance as we hit this thing on all fronts. We need all the prayer we can get!

Thankfully, LJ is doing really well! Every week we see new improvements. Things he used to do, coming back. His awareness picking up. His interactions improving. It's really fun to watch. Pray we can walk this thing all the way out. They say that the success rate of reversing Autism in kids who catch it between the ages of 2-3 is 100%. That is awesome! And we totally agree. In Jesus' name, Autism (and dirty vaccines), you've got to go! :D

Bomb three, we're pretty sure, already went off last year in Luke's studio. He swears it's all “organized chaos” and that it'll be meticulously cleaned as soon as his current book project is done. After all, who cleans a construction site before the building is done? Or picks up a board game half-way through? He's got a point, but we'll see how it all pans out! Bomb aside, between raising the kids, keeping LJ's chelation on track, and creating various other family letter/photo/video projects, he's working nonstop on his upcoming book. I've been fortunate enough to sneak a peak at a couple of chapters and it looks to be a good one! When's it coming out? Don't hold your breath, but definitely stay tuned. :)

On a lighter note.. our baby-girl, Liberty, is the bomb! No really, from binki's and potty training, to toys, toys, and suitcases of toys that must travel everywhere we go, to still not wanting to eat her fruits and veggies—she keeps us on our toes. Please pray for us as we try to find that balance between strongly encouraging her to take regular steps forward in life, and just telling her what to do. We want her to remain strong and independent while willing to follow our lead. It's a fine line to walk! We need all the help we can get. Even so, she is blossoming beautifully. Her personality is larger than life. It's so fun to crack jokes, have full on conversations, and entertain third-party opinions about everything we do. She loves dancing, Elsa, LJ, calico critters, and everything fun. She is a total blast. An absolutely amazing addition to the family. And a mighty little woman of God.

And now, our favorite part! The 2017 shout-outs: Here's to reindeer games, Potty Santa, American Ninja Warrior, KNOTB, clean vaccines, the end of Autism, gracious family, nonstop prayer, North Carolina doctor trips, chasing Thomas the Train, Cali family visits, missing Gigi Galayda, state fair corny dog - louder than loud - bee screams, new nieces, loose tooth number one, swallowing loose tooth number one, loose tooth number two, trying not to swallow loose tooth number two, Sunday fun days, Headphones at church, family dog piles, falling in pond mud, and good, good, and more good.. attitudes!

We love you guys! Here's to making many memories in 2018!

All the best and a big, God bless! May this be your best year yet!

Love,   The C-Team (Luke, Kristy, Liberty, LJ, (and Lexi))
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