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Christmas Letter 2016
     [  the heads, the tales and inbetweens of 2016  ]

Happy, crazy-amazing 2017 to all you beautiful party (and former party) people! 2016. Wow, what a ride.. Speaking of parties, our condolences to all in despair. They say 'never talk about politics or religion,' but unfortunately we've never really been a big fan of “They.” We thank God for Trump. Stock markets rebounding, the dollar jumping to a 13 year high, jobs streaming home – we're excited for the changes. Please pray for healing for our country, that we can all truly unify to make America great again for everyone.

A ride—that pretty much sums up Kristy's year. Balancing two energizer-bunny kids, an ever growing office, a husband who's increasingly outspoken, and her own insatiable love for keeping things 'tidy' often proves to be quite a challenge. A challenge that, at times, is incredibly amusing to watch :D But I (Luke) have to admit, it's also one, that with God's help, she does quite well. Hmm, maybe that explains the random dizziness :) Anywho, in other news, her office ran rock solid again this year. Thanks to her new dream-team, DJ & Stef, (put in place by her former dream-team, Shawna & Ash). We are uber grateful for them all! On a more personal note, she did find the time this year to 'like' 2,000+ posts on Facebook.. ??? What can I (Kristy) say, late night call has random pockets of down time. :)

2016 was quite a ride for Luke as well, taking an entirely unexpected twist. After the 'great computer crash of '15,' he had pretty much no other option but to promote a long-running side project to the forefront ... while he slowly picked up (and reinstalled) the pieces. Surprisingly, the side project has now become his main focus. What is this mystery endeavor? Well, you, like me (Kristy), will have to wait … and read. But suffice to say, it will be his first full length novel (second full length book), falling somewhere along the lines of the 'Historical Fiction/Fantasy' genre. Yea, who knew?! In retrospect, with two adorably perpetual interrupters, it's the perfect (and possibly, only) fit for this season of life. So far, we've hired two nannies to help him finish the project. One, inadvertently fired (funny story), and one moving on to bigger and better things (no more poo for you). We are currently looking for our third. Please pray we are sent the perfect fit!

Liberty is three, going on whatever age is ... 'boss.' Seriously, the girl already knows a million and one ways to run the show. She definitely keeps us on our toes. But she's totally amazing! Super cute, super funny, super personable. She has really come out of her shell and it's a lot of fun to watch. She's also at that age where her steady stream of filter-less, 'face value' conclusions and commentary keep us in stitches. She loves to dance, play dolls (Peppa Pig/Calico Critters/Elsa and Anna), doctor (of course), super heroes, hide n seek, and NOT eat her vegetables. Feel free to pray that God will spark a love in her for real fruits and veggies asap! #sayGoodbyeToPouches We're trying :)

LJ—if you can pardon the bad analogy—is growing like a tumble weed, the dude is all over the place. He climbs ladders, chairs, sofas, stairs, curbs, and beds. And he jumps—really jumps—on the trampoline. He loves it. He also loves cars, balls, bubbles, music, and anything he can play like drums. Little buddy also likes playing his Little Tikes xylophone along with Curious George. It's adorable. He definitely has daddy's musical skills and frequently sings along with whatever is playing … drum roll please ... on pitch! He got a golden ear :) Pray for us, as we try to keep up with him!

Now for the 2016 shout-outs: Here's to absolute adorable-ness, all family, friend & hired help, God playing the Trump card, two new nieces, successful External Cephalic Versions, fun Cali vacay's, family limo rides, San Antonio road trips, first time 'let's make the neighbors feel really good about their own arrangements' Christmas light arrangements, December deep cleans, hard fought wins, new found unity, and lights at the ends of tunnels. )

All the bestand a big, God-blessed new year! We love you!

Love,   The C-Team (Luke, Kristy, Liberty, LJ, (and Lexi))
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