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Christmas Letter 2014
     [  the heads, the tales and inbetweens of 2014  ]

Happy 2015!! Wow, 2015. Weren't we supposed to be flying to work and living in video games by now? Or was that 2025? Hmm... Nevertheless, we trust this letter finds you lovin' life and climbing your respective proverbial mountains of success ... successfully! We can't wait to see what 2015 holds for everyone! We love you guys :D

For us, 2014 was a year of gaining momentum. Kristy's business has grown busier than ever. Mergers, take overs, and polite power struggles keep the business side of things almost as time intensive as just loving on her ladies and catching babies—and there are definitely lots of babies to catch. Her rock-star team has really connected and blossomed this year, making office life a joy. Of course there are the occasional hiccups and growing pains that come with any fledgling business, but God has really answered her prayers, honored her obedience/efforts, and she is really enjoying the results. The ball is rolling faster then ever!

Luke's business, elci Productions, for the first time, feels less like endless wheel spinning and more like the momentum is actually starting to build and move things on its own. God has really answered Luke's prayers too. From finding elusive pro hardware solutions, to working with the right local artists, the right paths are finally being crossed and the outlook is exciting. Still, 2014 provided some exciting payoffs of its own: elci Productions saw local radio airplay and even FM song rotation. Several tracks were placed on TLC's Four Weddings/Four Weddings Unveiled, and Discovery's Body Bizarre, and were not only aired nationally but internationally! (Luke likes to say that he is finally “internationally unknown.”) But most exciting of all, doors have been opening to work with some phenomenally talented local artists. Pray that Luke can continue to do his best, and continue to get out of the way and just let God make things move effortlessly.

Liberty continues to keep us both on our toes. She is a ball of energy, giggles, and an endless source of life. Of course, Mommy and Daddy would like that energy to taper just a little during the bedtime hours—we needs our sleeps, yo! Seriously, with another one on the way in April (Due May 2nd), please pray, well-wish, and think kindly that God will shower us with plenty of rest in the coming year! (And Liberty, we get it, it's hard to sleep when you're having so much fun!)

Yes, you heard right. One more on the way! Wow, are we ready? A little boy. So far he is a mover and a shaker, but hopefully also a sleeper :) We look forward to all of you meeting Luke Graceson (nickname: LJ) in the near future!

And finally, one cool family milestone was set this year. Drum roll please—we own our house! That's right, zero down to fully payed off in 5.5 years. God rocks ya'll! We have to brag on Him a little: it was following a budget He gave us that made it all possible. And the zinger? We didn't actually start implementing that budget until October of year 2. Props Papa, props :)

Now for the part we love best, the 2014 shout-outs: Raise a glass. Here's to doing the robot, corn kernel sand boxes, sleepless nights, baby toys slowly taking over the house, debt reduction miracles, Liberty Mondays, tacos & turtle soup, conflict resolution, dancing—so much dancing, California cookouts, Christmas snowmen, exciting Cassol & Kaiser moves, new Furlotte, Winegarden, & Carnevale nephews, amazing family & friends, and peace in the middle east ... what?

All our love and God's best in the coming year! Thanks for your love, prayers, and friendship. Ahh yea, 2015 is gonna rock!

Love,   Team C (Luke, Kristy, (Lexi), Liberty, & LJ)
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