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Christmas Letter 2013
     [  the heads, the tales and inbetweens of 2013  ]

Happy, Happy, Happy 2014! Whoa, feels like we just paused to look up from the endless cycle of diaper changing, bottle feeding and toy picking up – and it was a new year :) We hope that no matter what you are up to these days, that you are feeling bright-eyed, optimistic and totally regal. We're not really sure what that means, but 2014 is sure to be filled with it!

2013 was another exciting year for Kristy's practice. God blessed Kristy with a new nurse, one that has made the team complete. As a result, the days at the office have become much more peaceful and efficient. Kristy's MA (medical assistant) is going on two years now and is a rock star at keeping things moving – thankfully Kristy hasn't managed to scare her off yet. :) God is keeping the baby business booming. We are so grateful that business is good! But even better than taking care of other people's babies, is being a mommy to the cutest lil' girl in the world – Liberty Faith! We know, we're partial ... but she is amazing. And Kristy is loving the shorter work week to have more time to explore the world through a new set of sparkling eyes.

Luke is learning to adjust to the new rhythm of things. From husband and daddy, to producer and nanny (errr “manny”) he is slowly learning to juggle work, projects, and sleep with family life, baby duties, and doodies (so many doodies). Really, he has had to learn how to trust God even more, let go of trying to maintain the blazing turtle-like speed he was enjoying all of last year, and just enjoy the fact that some work is still getting done. :) Still, elci Productions (eP) has seen some significant forward progress this year. God sent some help and now elci Productions is officially an LLC, operating from a true business bank account! Additionally, eP was excited to see another one of it's tracks get placed on cable television. This time a track landed on The Learning Channel's, Four Weddings. Luke also added an author's beret to his growing arsenal of hats when he oversaw the release of his first book, Desktop Revelations, in late October. Check it out at desktopRevelations.com or follow his blog facebook.com/desktopRevelations. Thanks for all your continued prayers, things are moving forward. We are thankful for the progress that was made in 2013 and excited for the possibilities 2014 brings.

The best change of the year came in February. February 9th at 10:47 am to be exact! God blessed us with a healthy and sweet little girl, Liberty Faith. A big “Thank you!” to everyone who was praying and well wishing throughout the pregnancy! She is now almost 11 months and continues to amaze us with her unceasing energy and curiosity for how things work. She is crawling all over the house and will be walking in no time. She loves to play in her tunnel, push her walker, dance to the Veggie Tales theme song, and chew on ... everything. Kristy is looking forward to starting “Mommy & Me” gymnastics classes next year and Luke is looking forward to communicating at a higher level. Liberty is by far the biggest challenge and greatest joy this family has been graced with to date. We have a new appreciation for parents everywhere. Moms and Dads – you rock!

And now for our favorite part, the 2013 shout-outs :) Raise a glass, “Here’s to 7th year anniversary feasts, Fab 5 NKOTB reunions, Pink Impacts with Kristy's med school girls, CA family visits, trampoline park birthday celebrations, icy snow days, rented SUVs, the BOB, first Christmas' with baby, botched Christmas Eve Eve celebrations, everything mustache, and of course the greatest family, friends, and God anyone could hope to ask for!”

We love all of you very much! Thanks for celebrating Liberty's safe arrival with us. Here’s to an amazing, new, God-blessed 2014! )

Love,   Team Carnevale (Luke, Kristy, (Lexi), & Liberty)
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