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Christmas Letter 2012
     [  the 'all is well' of , 2012  ]
Happy 2013!! We trust this letter finds you happy, healthy and good-looking!! Let us be the first to extend a big “Congratulations, you made it!” It looks like the Mayans were wrong after all. Maybe they just ran out of cave wall or had a detailed premonition of the 2012 elections :D … hmmm, whatever-the-case, we are excited for the possibilities a new year brings us all!

2012 was definitely an exciting year for Kristy's practice. MCNT merged with UANT and is now the large corporation, USMD Holdings. It is an innovative, physician-led group that is sparking national attention. God continues to flourish her office practice as well. In fact, it is so busy that she is presently adding a full time registered nurse. Now she will have two licensed professionals assisting her day-to-day activities! Her MA (medical assistant) has been working with her now for almost a year, and they are very excited about the extra help so that they can love on their patients even better. Deliveries, surgery and clinic are booming and we are so grateful that God blesses and continues to provide for us.

Luke affectionately refers to 2012 as his “Turtle Year.' You know, a year that feels like everything is three steps forward, two steps back. It seems like anything that could go wrong, glitch, distract or break down has. But God has taught him to trust, grow and keep moving through it all. Now, looking back, it's amazing how far God brought him. This has actually been the best learning year and most improved year for elci Productions of them all! Of course, 2012 wasn't a complete struggle. Luke was blessed to work with a talented artist from Gateway, had several original songs do well in various songwriter competitions, and even had one of his productions land in front of Korean Pop sensation, Brown Eyed Girl's, Music Label. And with several new, big opportunities on the horizon (one just arriving today), elci Productions, has never been poised to do greater things! We are excited for what 2013 will bring. God rocks :)

We are also excited to welcome the newest member to the Carnevale team, Liberty Faith! After the loss of Lexi, in June 2011, we were pleasantly surprised to find out we were finally pregnant again. The good news of her little sister came in June, almost exactly one year to the date of Lexi's birth. What a fun way to celebrate Lexi's first birthday!

And many, many thanks for all your prayers! After 10 weeks of pregnancy Kristy was extensively re-tested. All her blood-work again returned completely normal! All traces of the previously diagnosed Protein-C deficiency remained gone! No expensive, daily shots!! No genetic disorder to pass down! Impossible, except with Jesus! Of course, they continue to monitor the pregnancy closely. God is good and Liberty has been perfectly healthy, measuring consistently in sync with the growth curve! Thanks again for your continued prayers! We love you all. Liberty will be arriving sometime near the end of February 2013.

And now for our favorite part, the 2012 shout-outs :)  Here’s to brand new Carnevale babies, 6th year (facebook interactive) anniversary progressive dinners, B&B Circus fun, OK golf ball skeet shootings, new nephews Liam & Tytus, Glen Rose fossil huntings, San Diego ACOG graduations, tandem bikes, Naples weddings, 80 degree Christmas train rides, Duck Dynasties, white Christmas', crazy New Years dance marathons, amazing family and friends, Sunday fun-days, Wii Wheel & Super Slam competitions, Dude and best Svens.

We love all of you very much, thanks so much for all your love and support. Here’s to an exciting, new, God-blessed 2013!

       Luke, Kristy (Lexi & Liberty) Carnevale

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