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Christmas Letter 2011
     [  you're so heaven, 2011  ]

Happy 2012 ya'll! (Sorry, too much Food Network's Paula Deen on the brain :) We hope 2011 was a rousing success and/or a total blast. We trust this letter finds you happy, healthy and pleasantly optimistic. We've said it before, but we're say'n it again – we totally love you all!

2011 has definitely had it's ups and downs, twists and turns, but it has been an amazing year of growth throughout. Kristy grew up a little when she put down her 'training wheels' so to speak and went off Guarantee. She is now a member physician with MCNT and has been blessed with so many wonderful new patients. The practice grows daily. While she loves getting to be 'the boss,' it's even better to have The Boss providing for her every need. There were some much needed changes in staff, and now things are running smoothly. God is blessing her (and us) more than we could have imagined and we are very grateful for it!

Luke has grown up a little as well. He successfully worked himself out of his job at The Urban Alternative, and while everyone was sad to part ways, Luke was definitely excited go full time music production. And God has been good! Luke was able to sell his first song in July, signing a two year contract with Matrix (beauty supplies, not the movie). He was also blessed with two additional tracks being placed on the cable television shows, All About Aubrey and America's Next Top Model. He is currently working hard on building up his personal catalog while collaborating with some very talented local artists. We are excited to see where God takes him in coming years.

As many of you already know we lost our little girl, Lexi Grace, in late June. After an unexpectedly early and difficult birth we lost Lexi after just 21 hours of life. This launched a crazy turn of events that were both natural and supernatural. The story is way too long to tell, but if you want to hear the full inside scoop you can read about everything at: www.lukeandkristy.com/lexi We miss our baby girl, but are looking forward to giving her some new siblings soon. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to expand the family.

We got to see a cool healing miracle in October. After the loss of Lexi it was discovered that Kristy had a Protein C deficiency. This is an incurable genetic disorder potentially causing complications during pregnancy if not treated with expensive, daily shots. We chose to believe for Kristy's healing, and during our church's Habitation Service in mid October that healing manifested! We were so excited when she got retested a week later and all levels were completely normal. The Doctors didn't know exactly what to say. Impossible, except with Jesus! Needless to say we were excited!

And now for our 2011 shout-outs :) Here’s to a brand new Carnevale nephew (due March 2012), whirlyball victories, 5th year anniversary T's, brand new houses, fantastic stay-cations, fried turkey and wipe-out matches, fun visitors from the coasts, hot midnight strolls, loving family and friends, food - so much food, Sunday fun-days, Captain Ron and best Svens.

We love all of you very much, thanks so much for all your love and support, especially this year, and here’s to an amazing, breakthrough, God blessed 2012!

Love,   luke, kristy (& lexi) carnevale
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