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Christmas Letter 2009
     [  it's spill'n time for 2009  ]
It’s beginning to look a lot like ChristmasNew Years … 2010! We trust this letter finds you happy and well! We knew you were expecting it, so once again we deliver our holiday greetings promptly after the holidays.

The year was an exciting one. After ‘waiting it out’ at the Fort Worth Clinic for 7 months, Kristy opened her brand new office in Lake Worth March 30th. Her practice is increasing daily and she has been blessed with many wonderful patients as well as an awesome office staff & nurse. The Open House in July was a huge success and a great chance to show it off to family and friends. She is now preparing for her oral boards which she will take next fall. Only one more huge test to go!! Keep her in your prayers as she studies.

Luke had a fantastic year as well. His band, Inner Frequency, released their first official EP (extended play) album, Surge, in mid February. Check it out on iTunes. It quickly opened doors for them to play gigs from Austin to Abilene and even landed them a spot on Good Morning Texas (thanks Angie).

With so much on the upswing, Luke sadly but obediently departed from the band after several clear words from God, Gardens and the tax man (Bryan Sweeney at www.sweefin.com).  It was an awesome run of just over four years and Luke was sorry to say good-bye, but it has allowed him to fully step into his calling, focus on writing/recording and finally build his studio.

Even in the time of transition, God’s sent a couple crazy ‘nibbles’ his way. A song he produced made the top 20 selections for the upcoming Gateway (our church) Worship CD, and a dance track he wrote was selected and sent to Agnes’ record label as a potential song for her new album.

But his greatest breakthrough came the third week in August when Jesus literally flooded his heart with unshakable peace. Since that day not even a drop of fear has gotten back in. It was an awesome victory - culminating since the Summer of 2004 when he took on Joshua 1:9 as his personal mantra. Life has a whole new gleam to a heart with absolutely no fear! God rocks.

We have been very blessed with the house God gave us. We are slowly furnishing it and even have a guest room now. Tynan (Kristy’s brother) was the first to break it in. We got to hang with him in July for a fun filled week of Six Flags, NRH20 (local water park), late-night Wii & sushi!! If you are ever in need of a place to stay, please stop by. We love to have visitors. We’ve even started hanging things up!

This summer we traveled to California with Kristy’s family for Jenny’s graduation from the University of California at Irvine. It was great to see everyone again and we are so proud of her. We plan to head out there again next April for the arrival of the first grandbaby on Kristy’s side. It’s a girl!! We are grateful to Jenny for taking some of the heat off our back. :)

Shout outs for the year: annual anniversary limo ride t-shirts, med school girl sleepovers, battle scars from flag football, becoming mini-bikers & mini-box wine drinkers, starring in our first Indie film (thanks Thad & Rudy), sharing the Inprov stage, Christmas Snowmen, padded seats & free Cowboy’s stadium tix.

We love all of you very much and here’s to an awesome and blessed 2010!

Love,   Luke & Kristy
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