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Christmas Letter 2008
     [  the up-to-date of 2008   ]
Merry Christmas, Happy New Years, Cordial Holidays, Kool Kwanzaa, Churrific Hanukah, and Happy Birthday Jesus!  Hope you all had a great 2008! We just wanted to take a quick moment to say a big we love you guys and thanks for all your 'pure awesomeness and attractiveness.' ..Ok Kristy you can take over.

Eight is the number of change, of new beginnings, and 2008 certainly brought plenty of that. Kristy finally graduated from residency in June and promptly took July/Aug off for a well needed rest. Luke, in tandem, went to part-time contract so that he could become a full-time musician. The Urban Alternative gave him a 40% raise in the process so that he is making almost as much now as he did previously. God is so good!

All the new time off gave us a very relaxing, very tan, very by-the-pool summer. We were even able to squeeze in a trip to Costa Rica. We stayed with Kristy's Fresno family, Tom, Debra & Tynan in their relaxing get-away house overlooking the ocean. We'll never forget the gorgeous beaches, delicious Frescas, intense rounds of hearts and of course, Bobo. Thanks for being such great hosts!

With summer coming to an end, we had another change to make. A new place. We spent one day (a realtor's dream) and by the second house we both felt it. God had found us a brand new home in North Richland Hills! With oncoming recession He moved us at the perfect time and we got the home for a steal, closing costs and upgrades included. The house is in the ideal location, easy access off the highway and right between Kristy's clinic and hospital. It's 2,300 sq ft and four bedrooms, leaving plenty of room for recording, break dancing and future Carnevales.

Kristy started working in September for the Medical Clinics of North Texas (MCNT). She is in a call group with three other OB/GYNs and is loving private practice. She works out of Harris Hospital, which is only twelve miles from the new house. Her new office is being built in Lake Worth and will hopefully be up and running at the beginning of April. Private practice is a lot different than residency - with more responsibility but a lot more freedom. Nothing beats having three whole weekends off a month!

Luke's band is going stronger then ever. The new members have really gelled and the band is finally settling into its own sound and look. (yes, Luke wears makeup ..but he totally rocks it). God hooked them up with a very talented local producer (out of all places, Duncanville) to cut a 3 song EP which will be out in February. The initial collaboration sounds amazing and they will be going back in to finish out the album sometime this year. And like 'the hotness' said above, nothing beats having three whole weekends off a month. (except having four)

Other high points of the year: Anniversary limo ride in DFW, laying the 1997 Saturn to rest (thanks to a wheeling/dealing David), the new K. Winegarden of the family, the Kaiser Cancun destination wedding, the Eddie Money gig, making Mr. Budget, family lake trip, Dallas Cowboy graphics, graduations, new babies, adoptions & new doggie additions to the family.

We are so blessed to have all of you in our lives. We look forward to making more memories with you in 2009. Here's to the best year yet!

Love,   Luke & Kristy
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