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Christmas Letter 2006
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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!! We hope this letter finds all of you doing great and enjoying some time off from life's daily grind. We have been married for 76 days (but who's counting) and survived our first of many holidays to come. Kristy had so much fun putting together a holiday letter last year that we decided this would be a Carnevale tradition. And in true Winegarden fashion, it will continue to arrive at your house after the holidays are over.

These last few months have been hectic, but God continues to bless our life together. We were married in a small ceremony at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens on October 14th in the Lower Rose Garden. The day was rainy, but we weren't worried. We had put our weather request in with the big guy a year prior to our day, and the sun came out just as the ceremony started. The reception was small & intimate as well (mostly family) with walk up Karaoke and dancing in the rain until the wee hours of the morning. A short while later we were off to St. Lucia, where we spent 7 days and 6 nights soaking up rays and doing as little as possible. The week went too fast and before we knew it we were back in Texas, packing up all of our possessions and moving to our new apartment in Euless. Seriously, how can two people have so much stuff? It is still a work in progress, but now that we actually have furniture (thanks to Rooms to Go and the Kremers) it is starting to shape up. We really appreciate all of the great gifts we received, so thanks again.

And what does 2007 have in store for us? Luke has been working at Urban Alternative, a business affiliated with Tony Evans' Church in Dallas, since April of 2006. He works for the media department and builds & designs anything web related. His band, Inner Frequency, is still rockin' Dallas stinky. They average 5 gigs a month and have 30 plus original songs in their repertoire. Check 'em out on MySpace if you get the chance. Kristy is halfway through the third year of her OB/Gyn residency at JPS and can see the light at the end of the tunnel (pun moderately intended). Most of her waking hours are spent delivering babies, operating, taking call at Harris Methodist, and working the jail clinic. In all her spare time, Kristy tries to work out, rally behind Inner Frequency (I'm in their fan club) and spend as much time as she can with family & friends. We are very excited about what God has in store for us and we pray that he blesses all of you as well. Check out pictures from the wedding and honeymoon - www.lukeandkristy.com.

We love you & God bless.

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